Drag Chain with QCW and leg kit

Anyone have a good suggestion for drag chain solutions for my journeyman x50 with QCW and leg kit? I cant just hang it in the air on the left side.

There are kits for sale on Etsy and 3d printer files on Thingiverse if you have access to a 3D printer and want to buil it.

@Barksport, Jef…did you get this figured out? I too have the woodworker X50 on the QCW and legs.



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A search on Etsy for “X50 QCW drag chain” was a bizarre waste of time. Even “X50 QCW chain” was unhelpful. “X50 QCW” showed an interesting spoilboard solution, but had nothing to do with drag chain kits.

Thinking of getting a 3d printer, but don’t need another thing on The List right now.

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@OnefinityCNC I’ve searched the forum and cant find an answer to this question…any information you could make available would be much appreciated.

The Elite machines are the only ones that come with a drag chain. We do not sell drag chain kits for non-elite machines.

Here’s a solution if you have a 3D printer.
Mine are printing now!

Note that these designs are independent of the QCW.

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This one would work with the QCW and leg kit. It mounts to the gantry. Looks like drag chain isn’t included but can be purchased on amazon.

QBGTFAK 15mm x 30mm Plastic Semi Closed CNC Machine Tool Cable Wire Carrier Drag Chain 1M Black (15mm x 30mm) Amazon.com

The aluminum angle is available in most hardware stores.

I built a similar one, printed it on my 3D printer, it took 2 or 3 days to print all parts, and sourced the drag chain and aluminum as described above.

I have it mounted on my X50 Journeyman with QCW and rolling folding stand.

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