Elite versus aftermarket drag chains

I have a Woodworker X50 with an 80mm spindle and currently have drag chains that contain the waterlines, spindle cable and motor cables. I have ordered the elite upgrade, and I am wondering if I have to use the elite drag chain set up or if I can keep what I have? The drag chains that I have are 18mm x 50mm in size.

no response on this, but curious how you attached your 18X50 drag chain. This is the same size i am using and just starting to design some raceways and attachments. If you had the 3D files for yours I would love to see how you approached it .

I had my in my custom drag chains. Decided to just use the existing as is and I am going to go the Rowdy Roman Dust boom with clips for my waterlines and spindle. I may be able to route the air-assist for the laser in the Elite chains, or may just add it next to the spindle cable.

I tried to put the air-assist in the stock drag chains. They were too pinched so I initially routed them outside by tie wrapping them to the water lines on Rowdy Roman’s clips. I’ve since upgraded to a much larger drag chain, which is WAY nicer, and will support all I already have and the ATC with no issues.

I also designed brackets to support the much larger drag chain. IMO, it looks like how the Elite should have been from the start.


@adamfenn28 I have my elite foreman on order (not yet received) and I would be looking to do this as well. Would you be willing to share what solutions you came up with and or the link to the drag chain that you used? I 3d printed the clips you mentioned in advance and have them ready to go, but I agree with you that the long term / right solution is a fully contained drag chain.

Brain when did you order your elite foreman, I am waiting too…

Here’s the brackets I designed. Large Drag Chain Brackets

There’s also a 3D model version if you’d like to print your own.

It’s designed to hold two 1.5" lengths of aluminum angle as the trough, and it’s designed to fit this drag chain: 240-09-055-0 Energy Chain | Industrial Automation and Controls | DigiKey Marketplace

For the most part, it re-uses the stock nuts and bolts, but if you. print your own, you’ll also need some misc nuts and bolts to hold it on.

Here’s some photos:


Thank you so much for sharing and for the pictures!!! That super cool. A larger drag chain should for sure ship with the product to allow people the flexibility to have more lines within.

At $22 each, how many of those drag chain links do you need for 4’ x 4’ machine?

You need 10 or 11 depending on if you are willing to cheat by and inch or so.

Sorry for the delayed response. I purchased the drag chain mounts from Route 1 Wood Design. I do not see the large brackets that were available when I purchased. I know that these were some of the first brackets that Greg offered in the 50mm size. You may want to contact him to see if he is still printing the larger drag chain mounts.

I ordered mine on November 4th. And I received it on January 30th. Just about right on 8 weeks (which is in the range of 7-9 that was listed upon checkout) so it showed up right on time, really great packaging and it went together really easy. Super happy with it so far!

Some have suggested an that folks would want a less expensive option with a medium sized drag chain. Is there interest here? I’d be happy to design one if the cost of the large drag chain is prohibitive.

@adamfenn28 I’m interested for sure in a slightly smaller version. I just ordered a “sample” (meaning I just bought one (1 meter section) of drag chain from amazon (just to see of it will work and check out the quality). The inner dimesions are 18x50. Externally they are 23.7x60.5mm. I’ve attached a picture. I think it should work to get a pair of water lines, spindle cable and the rest of the wiring into the chain if people wanted too. I really love your design and was looking to purchase your maker files when I realized that it was for a ~106mm wide drag chain. If you would be willing to design it I could test it out and give feedback (and pay you for the maker files of course). Also when it arrives if you need any additional caliper measurement taken I can provide those.

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That looks like a great deal. Does it open though?

You can use what you have if you come up with a different option for the plug mounts at the end of each axis. I looked long and hard at that and didn’t want to invest tons of time so purchased the set from Adam. With his kit, you can get by with 6 foot of drag chain on a Journeyman, if you use wire tie mount pads between the end of the drag chain and the end of the aluminum angle and tie all the cables/tubes to the angle. Approximately $5.00 for a 10 pack at the box stores beats $22.00 a foot for the drag chain. I can provide pics on request

I’d also be interested in purchasing a version for the 18x50mm drag chain.

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I just added the option for the 18x50mm drag chain on the site today. I need to add photos and videos, but it’s available now.

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Thanks Adam! I’ve ordered a set.


Amazon now has an 18x50mm drag chain for $9.99/meter, and I now have brackets that support those. This is a huge savings over the 25x90mm drag chains brackets I first supported. If you can live with 18x50, that’s a great deal. If that’s not quite big enough, I’ll be working on support for the 25x77mm drag chain ($57/ 4 meters) referenced by @anon93936469 as soon as a sample arrives.

Find them all here: https://uglydogwoodshop.com/store/ols/products/large-drag-chain-brackets

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