Elite versus aftermarket drag chains

After receiving the 25x77mm drag chains, I’ve decided against supporting them. They’re not designed to open easily, and I’m sure people would have too much trouble with them. I’ll look for another model of similar size.

Adam’s designs are awesome and my 18 x 50 set fit the machine perfectly and I’m super happy with the Drag chain now able to include mu shielded spindle cable and water lines. My cnc looks super clean now. I painted the aluminum angles black and it really makes them look like they can on the machine stock. Really happy with the design and fit up! Cheers Adam for making a solution possible for this.

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Brian, May I ask how many meter’s of the drag chain you ordered? I have an Elite Foreman ordered and I want to go this route also.

I purchased (4) of this drag chain - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BZKCR5LC?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1

Each section is 1 meter, so in total 4 meters worth. I have the foreman cnc (4x4). I have a bit leftover, but not a full section worth. Works great and fits wonderfully. Really happy with how it turned out and how much better it is to have my water lines inside a drag chain.

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Thank you Brian! I just ordered them. I am glad I found this thread as I believe it will be easier to do this while setting up the machine. I ordered the brackets and will paint the aluminum rails. how long did you cut the aluminum rails? It would be nice to have them cut and I’ll have them powder coated for durability. Thank you for the help!

I cut them 54” long. Might want to leave a touch extra and trim them down as you see fit, but 54” is how long mine are. I just cut them on my table saw with no issue at all, really nice smooth cuts.

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It’s looking to be around $400 for this whole upgrade, am I correct? If so, then yes, I’d like to see a less expensive version.

It should be much less than than.

That’s $153 for the brackets and the drag chain for a Foreman. Four pieces of aluminum angle need to be procured separately but they won’t be near that much.

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I just ordered the aluminum angle online; $140 delivered. 2 4 footers and 2 6 footers. Getting 2 6’ footers was cheaper than having them cut down to size for the longer x axis. Neither my Home Depot or Lowes carried it. Probably much cheaper to get locally.

$28 locally for a 24’ section white aluminum at local metal store cut into 4 6ft pieces. I did this 2 weeks ago. 2 Thumbs up for Adam’s brackets. It does make using PWNCNC V9 4" dust boot difficult. Mods were needed but works now.

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