Cable chain, is it large enough to include cooling lines

I’ve been looking at the pictures and videos of the new Elite series as I’m sure we all are. One thing I noticed is the cable chains do not look large enough to include cooling lines for a spindle. Onefinity, if this is the case maybe you can rethink the cable chain before you start production. I would imagine lots of people buying this class of machine will also use a spindle.


The production chains are 15x20 as seen in @MyersWoodshop video.
They will not be large enough to fit water lines in.

Other futureproofing reasons for a larger cable carrier might include room for:

  1. Sensor cable for those wanting to add a thermal fault switch for their spindles
  2. Power cable to support Masso’s dry run laser feature (for those who prefer not to use a battery pack for the VDC)
    *these are small cables, but available room in cable carriers can fill up fast

If in the future, once the Elite machines have been in use for a while, more people may want to add ATC functionality, an even larger cable chain/mounts could be considered as an upgrade option.

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I was thinking the same thing as i’ve already upgraded my 30mm drag chains to 50mm to accept the coolant lines as well as the spindle and motor power cables on my woodworker


Have placed an order for Elite Journeyman. Just wondering if existing extension cables for the motors work on the Elite version?

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Ben Myers says no, this is not correct. clarification?

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in some of the original talk about the Elite - 1F said current rails was not the final ones - and final ones would be larger.