Space inside the drag chain (solved)

Will the supplied drag chins for the Elite Forman be large enough to house the control cables for a Hunang 220v water cooled spindle( I already know the coolant lines wont).

no. you will want to purchase these add ons if you use a water cooled line:

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He’s asking about the control cable, NOT the water lines.

Also, IMO, it doesn’t look ideal to route the water lines with the drag chain like this - they’re probably better off routed with the dust extraction.

your right. Yes, the power cable will fit.

Here’s what WILL fit in the drag chain together:

  1. either a 220v/110v spindle OR router cable
  2. z motor wire
  3. Jtech laser wires
  4. jtech air hose

Thank you both for your help. I am waiting somewhat patiently for the arrival. I want all my ducks lined up when it does come.