How big of a drag chain do y'all use with a water-cooled spindle?

I’m setting up now, looking to pick up a drag chain. Found some 3d print files that my buddy can print for me, the files I found call for no larger then a 30mm wife chain or 1.2" internal diameter. Not sure if I could run a water line through that. So how did y’all do that?

I haven’t purchased my spindle yet, I’m still setting up for the first time and I just don’t want to buy things twice. So I just got my table set up, and built an enclosure, now I am trying to do cable management & dust collection as I go.

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Additionally, I eventually plan to have a laser added to it, so I’ll probably just run the wire through it now, and leave it unfinished until I get around to getting a laser. Then it’ll just be a matter of plugging it in.

I went with 18mmx50mm, which is .7" x 1.9". It carries the two 3/8" water cooling hoses (1/2" OD) as well as the spindle power and laser control and power. I have no issues

can you please share a link to the product you purchased? Thanks.

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Amazon drag chain

I used 3/8" airline hose for the water delivery. Extremely flexible and cheaper then buying by the foot. I’m a licensed plumber and work in hi-tech industry and these hoses will last forever. Just cut it too length.
Home Depot


Nice, so what about the stl files for the bracket, for the track? I found some for 30mm chain max. I got a buddy who will 3d print the files for me.

I can’t help there. I don’t have a 3d printer so no STL files. I used aluminum angle bracket and pieces of T-track to hold it together. It works great

love your setup with the 50mm drag chain is it possible to get some more detailed pics. Thank you.

I have a lot more info posted here about the table. See if that has what you want. If not, let me know

That was perfect thank you going to setup like that