Drag Chain Specifications

Just a very quick two-part question - What size drag chain is most suited to enclosing all cables and coolant tubes for a spindle? Open, enclosed, or semi-enclosed?


I am still waiting on my machine to ship but I believe most people use 15 mm x 30 mm drag chain. That’s what I have awaiting my machines arrival.

I’m also waiting until I have my 1F. I think my water lines will just be attached to my dust collection hose so they wouldn’t go into a drag chain. I’m also trying to decide if I want to add stuff just for looks or if it’ll really be for functionality. Both are fine but I would rather get it up and running and then revisiting the issue down the road.

Yes, 15x30 seems to be the right size - I wonder if that is what people are using when they are using the Makita, or if the drag chains need to be a little bigger to house coolant lines as well.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the new features announced on the 21st is drag chains. Since 1F watches the forum they know what features people are most interested in. The 80mm spindle mount I think is at the top but drag chains are also popular.

For air-cooled spindle (or Makita) I use 15x30mm drag chain and 3/4 in L-Shape aluminum. Plenty of space. I designed 3D printed mounting for it.

Here’s the video of my installation: Cable Management for my OneFinity CNC. - YouTube

I’m gonna start selling this mount soon. PM me if interested.

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15x40 with coolant lines, spindle cable, and stepper cables. There is room to spare should I decide to add anything like LEDs, Laser, etc.


Francis - are you saying the 15x30 has plenty of space for everything including tubing for coolant?



AHA! This is the answer I’ve been seeking. 15x40! Thank you Matthew!


No. I’m saying it’s good enough for Makita-style router or air spindle. You can probably just add additional wiring for laser but I think for water cool you need wider.

Thanks, Francis. I’m going with 15x40. I appreciate your help!


Did you ever start selling this?

Thanks for sharing this information with the forum. This is really helpful!