Oversized Drag Chain for Y

Hey all,

My foreman on QCW has a liquid cooled spindle and laser. I have the water line clips on the drag chain as well. The Y chain is more full than the Z, so even getting the laser wire in there is very tight.

I had on hand a bunch of 25mm x 57m drag chain and was thinking to just use that for Y. I’m not at a point where I can design the 3D printed part. Does anyone know of a part I can download, or purchase to make this work well?

Cable chain I have:

Here’ a link to the Large Drag Chain Brackets maker file on Ugly Dog: Large Drag Chain Brackets (MAKER FILES) – Ugly Dog Woodshop

There’s a size for 18x50, and those links are fairly inexpensive if you want to purchase a set of them. If not, let DM me and maybe I can do something custom for you.

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HI Adam,

Thanks! I’ll give them a shot and let you know.