Smaller end mill bits?

For smaller end mill bits like an 1/8” or 1/16” up cut or down cut bit… are people using an 1/8” shank with the adapter piece or paying extra for the 1/4” shank?

Does it matter? Is there a difference?

When I was using the trim router, I did, in fact, order and utilize the Amana router collet adapter to facilitate use of 1/8" tooling. It’s also highly advised not to do so because there’s no guarantees that the adapter will reliably hold and who knows what the runout is when essentially using a collet within a collet.

From personal experience, I found that, for drilling operations, the adapter was sufficient but, for using Dremel bits, it’s a no-go because the tooling was too flimsy to work in terms of doc / feed / speed / woc milling. In that, it might just be more advantageous to invest in tooling with 1/4" shanks that are specifically designed for use with the router in its stock state.

I use a 1/8" collet. They’re more secure than the adapters.


I forgot about that. The Makita actually has support out there. I was using some weird 65mm obscure thing on discount from the local hardware store that had its own thing going.

It also no longer has functioning bearings. :wink:

Elaire sells adapters for 1/16” bits,

You can buy 1/16" and smaller bits off of ebay for a lot cheaper than Amana ones. I think they are used for circuit boards but work well with hardwood. They usually come in 5 packs and have a 1/8" shank. I have a spindle with a collection of collets in common sizes.

I bought an Elaire 1/8 collet and have run a 1/32 bit (with a 1/8 shank obviously), and I am more than impressed with how true it spins on center. Their collets are quality.

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I think I’m going to buy the metric and imperial sets from them.