6mm Shank on Router Bits?


I recently got a set of Vee carve router bits from a friend. On the box they are listed as 6mm shank and measure so in real life. Can I use these safely/properly with the Makita router?

You can use 6mm bits, but you’ll want to get the appropriate collet for them. There are several places the collets can be purchased from, here is just one for an example.


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Thanks for the link Chris!

Yes, I’m in Belgium and the Makita router here ships with collets for 6 and 8mm bits. I have plenty of 6mm router bits and they fit perfectly.
Make sure you use the appropriate collet. The 1/4" is too large for 6mm.

Thank you Ben (or do you prefer Benoît?), I guess I will have to buy a 6mm collet from Elaire!