Masso G3 ATC build (mini) update - setup and configuration of new tool rack with Masso controller

I just put together a new video for those interested in ATC setups with a Masso controller. I just published it to my YT channel. Here is the link - New tool rack setup and configuration with Masso G3 and Jianken ATC spindle - YouTube - and video description below, for those interested:

*I recently designed and machined an upgraded linear tool rack which now holds 24 ISO20 toolholders. *

*In this video I give a summary of the steps I used to set it up and configure it with my Masso G3 controller. It is not meant to provide a detailed how-to, but I do show all the main steps including: leveling the rack, determining and recording the tool slot locations, and using a tool setter, and the auto tool zero function, to measure and record the tool length offsets in the tool table. *

Note that I purposely am using very conservative feed rates during the setup and configuration stage - all these can be adjusted to suite your own needs and goals.

The Masso G3 controller, Jianken ATC spindle, and EMG Sprite10 tool setter were upgrades I added to my Onefinity X50 Woodworker CNC.

Other videos on my YouTube channel show some of my CNC build and modifications, including one showing the design and machining of this new tool rack.

Maybe it will soon be time for Onefinity to add an ATC category to the forum :grin: