Masso G3 ATC build (mini) update - auto tool zero and tool tables

I just finished using my tool setter to populate my tool table with the Z offset values, and thought Elite owners (and others) might like to see it in action on my CNC.

The short video shows my linear tool rack, and the process of changing a tool and having the auto tool zero function measure the Z offset (these are recorded/stored in the tool table.

Masso makes all of this configuration very straight forward, and surprisingly full featured given that it is a PC-less controller and needs to handle it all on its own.

In my new set-up, I put my tool setter in the middle of my tool rack, but you can put it anywhere you like. You also control the safe zone feed rate and height, the probing zone feed rate and height, and add an air blast if your setter has one (mine is set for 2 seconds). I mention in the video that all my feed rates are conservative, that is because with my tool holders, I only plan to measure this once (and again only for new tools). For those using your tool setters without ATC functionality or tool holders, you can make things go as fast as repeatability and your comfort level allow.

On a side note, I continue to be impressed with the EMG Sprite10 tool setter. The documentation lists =/- 5 micron repeatability, and I am consistently getting 2-3 micron differences in the three trials I do for each tool’s offset measure. No affiliation, just been happy with its functionality. It also has an overtravel circuit which was another feature I wanted.


i would love to learn more about How ATC’s work, how much they cost, and what is going on with a tool setter. In metal working, tools are set in a tool holder with great precision and then populated in the tool changer. is the tool setter telling the controller the length of the tool and then the controller adjusts the “Z” height? In other words, it is acting just like a z probe? i am also interested in the actual tool holders to put in an ATC. are there videos of the whole shebang?

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This is amazing do you have more info on what ATC spindle you are using and the mount?

The mount is from Onefinity - 80 mm, and the spindle is a Jianken 80 mm 2.2Kw 24RPM ISO20 water-cooled ATC.

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I am just starting my CNC journey, so please keep my limited experience in mind :smiley:

I learned everything by doing a lot of research through reading, watching of videos, and asked many questions in many forums. That will continue to be your best way of answering all your ‘big’ questions - like how ATC’s work.

Speaking only from my build/experience:

The cost to add an ATC to my Onefinity was substantial, but anticipated - I would offer an estimate to others of $4K+ US as a starting point.

I am using my tool setter mainly once - to measure and store the Z offsets for all my tools - but you could use it to do the same after each tool change in a non-ATC machine (just like you described above - “… the tool setter is telling the controller…”).

My spindle uses ISO20 tool holders, and I purchased both ER16 and ER20 versions. The tool holders on my linear tool rack are 3D printed and my own design.

As for videos, I have provided them throughout my build updates - search “Masso G3 ATC build update…” - with some showing the whole process in action.

There are others building systems based on another very capable and highly configurable controller - Centroid’s Acorn - and I myself am excited for some of those to come to life and their builds to be shared. Some of those may also have ATC functionality.