Masso stepper motors

Is there a way to lower the amps to the Masso stepper motors to get a smoother action? If not is there a different motor available to resolve this issue? My Journeyman works great, but the new Elite jerks quite severely. I built the Kreg table like a rock but the machine still really bucks! Good for signs but not inlays.

Interested to hear if anyone else is having this problem. Just sold my original and am waiting on my Elite and have a Kreg bench.

Check the acceleration settings on the F1 page, I had this issue on my Masso G3 Lathe and had the settings too high.


Will do!


Hello Pat

I just wanted to thank you for the information you provided. It worked!! Thanks again!


Can you recommend acceleration settings?

I can only tell what mine is set to from 1F, I did not change them, the X and Y are 19.685 for Acceleration and 400 for max feed rate.
Hope this helps.

Thanks Pat! I appreciate your help!


No problem let us know the outcome.