Elite Series Masso Default Machine Settings

Elite Series Masso Machine Settings: (updated: 4/22//23)

To restore default settings of the Masso controller using the above settings, you must:

  1. Create a folder called “MASSO” (case sensitive) on the flash drive.
  2. Create a sub folder called “Machine Settings” (case sensitive) within the “MASSO” folder on the flash drive.
  3. Place the settings.htg and tools.htg files in the sub folder, “Machine Settings” on the usb stick.
  4. Place the usb stick into the Masso controller.
  5. Go to the F1 screen on the Masso.
  6. At the bottom left, double tap on ‘Save and Load Settings’
  7. Click Load from file
  8. If successful, it will say “MASSO_5-Axis_Settings.htg successfully loaded”
  9. Tap ‘Reboot’.
  10. The system will reboot with the correct default settings loaded.

Troubleshooting and special notes for failed loading of the default configuration file.

  • If the controller says no file exists, ensure they are named exactly as above. If the file has any other characters (like when you download the same file twice, it adds a (1) to the file name, it will not show up.
  • Sideways (landscape) screen after install: trying to load settings from file name MASSO_5-Axis_Settings.htg.url . The expected file extension should be .htg not .htg.url. We are unsure why some computers add this .url to the end of the file name, so ensure the file name/extension of what you download here ends with .htg and not .url . In testing we can see that this causes the corrupted file load.

See examples below:

From Masso themselves:



If you have a tool setter, ensure input 11 tool setter is changed to green/low.
tool setter line

Screenshots of F1 Settings page:

Users within the first 200 Elites that have older motors (removable driver board) will have their XYZB motors set to invert/no and green/low like the below picture. Users with new motors (integrated driver board) will have will have their XYZB motors set to invert/yes and red/high.

Motor: Distance per Revolution:

--------------- Inches / MM
X-50 Rails: .62992 / 16
X-35 Rails: .39370 / 10

Printable settings files (for advanced users):

MASSO Settings v5.03 modify.txt (11.3 KB)
MASSO_Settings_v5.03_G3-16058 2.txt (13.4 KB)