Elite Onefinity Masso Firmware update 5.06 released (10/30/23) Outdated)

This firmware is now outdated. 5.07 has now been released 3/10/24

Masso has released firmware update 5.06 to the general public. This release has many updates and bug fixes. It does include one safety fix that is important to all Onefinity Users.

This update resolves the bug in 5.03 probing that could find the spindle to turn on during probing. This could result in harm to the probe, bit, or user. If your machine is on 5.03 firmware, we recommend updating to the new 5.06 firmware immediately to avoid this probing issue.

You can find the update in your my Masso workshop account.

It is important to back up your current settings before updating your machines firmware.

From Masso press release:

IMPORTANT! – Please read these release notes before updating.

IMPORTANT! – Before updating make a backup of your current settings. Save & Load Settings

IMPORTANT! – Before updating save a copy of your printable file and use it to check your settings after the update is complete. Save & Load Settings

NEW in v5.06

  • G38.7 – Center Probing Cycle – Support for new Gcode to probe and find center using Gcode commands. G38.7 - Center Probing Cycle

  • Tower Light Flashing – New feature added to tower lights, now the Green light flashed to attract user attention on M00, M01 or manual tool change request.

  • Settings file name management – Now the user can rename the settings file to start with MASSO_5-Axis_Tools or MASSO_Mill_Settings and add text or numbers to the file name for easy management.


  • Motor Alarm – Logic updated to also check motor alarms before homing the machine.

  • Spindle Auto On/Off – Logic improvements and bug fixes.

  • Spindle off during probing – Bug fixes to stop spindle from auto starting when probing.

  • Jump To Line – Improvements and bug fixes.

  • WaterJet Jump To Line – Logic improvements.

  • GCode File Editor – Bug fixes for logic when editing files.

  • Multi-Head – Improvements logic and screen buttons when heads are changed.

  • Axis Slaving – Logic improvements.

  • Resolved On-Screen Probing Offset Bug – Bug fixed that previously (in v5.04b) caused the system to miscalculate offset values during probing. If you tested v5.04b and changed these offset values please restore them back to the values you used in v5.03 or probing will not work correctly.

  • 5 Axis version not starting – Bug fixed that caused the software to not start when upgrading controller from 3 to 5 axis.

  • Improved Screenshot Capture Speed – Previously, saving a screenshot could take up to 15 seconds, but now the system can save screenshots in less than a second.

  • Umbrella tool changer homing bug – Bug fixed that caused the umbrella tool changer to move to the wrong tool slot after homing.

How to update your Masso firmware:


Onefinity Users will see two options under 5.05 firmware, The top one is 'Mill, Router, Plasma, Oxy, Waterjet" and the bottom one is ‘lathe’.

You only need the one labeled ‘Mill, Router, Plasma, Oxy, Waterjet’.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL THE ONE LABELED ‘LATHE’. This is not use with a Onefinity machine

Default Configuration settings for Onefinity Machines:

Questions or issues with the Masso firmware update? You can reach out to Masso on their help desk here: Support | CNC Support for All Users | MASSO

Don’t have access to your my masso workshop account? Email INFO@ONEFINITYCNC.COM if you never received your log in info and include your serial number of your masso controller and order number of your Onefinity machine.

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