5.06 dropped just now (solved with link to official thread)

Hopefully it is what 5.05 was supposed to be

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I’ve installed this already, and the only thing i noticed was the password was HTG, that was new to me. I also had to reenter all data from my backup printed settings as it did not pass the settings through. But other than that all good.

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The password makes sense.
Did you try loading your settings from a save file?

I’ve been jumping between 5.03 and 5.1 so i haven’t installed it myself

Yeah the password stumped me at first, but a Masso community search resolved that. I went to 5.03b update, then the next day out came 5.06. I was unaware of being able to use a backup of settings…but the upside of manually entering all the data was that i got a clear understanding of all the parameters involved again. Looking forward to a long carve…now if only PWNCNC would release that ATC all would be golden.


It’s coming.
Are you signed up for the newsletter? Then you won’t have to wait on seeing it on the socials

Official thread here, with warning and example of backing up all settings.


I’m sure I’m on newsletter, but I’ll double check. Thanks.

How do you update the new firmware for Masso G3? I downloaded it to my thumb drive and tried to load from file, but it wont recognize it.

It has to be in a folder named masso from the root directory.
There might also be a formatting error as it needs to be fat32 if I’m not mistaken

Watch this MASSO Top Tip video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jgQOGZrI8M

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