Motors and heat

I guess I’ll be the Guinea Pig. It’s 7:40pm and cooling off. What are these motors rated to withstand when it comes to temperatures.

I don’t know that I’ve seen a temperature rating for the motors. But I would be concerned about the electronics overheating. That’s some significant heat!


I guess we will find out. The only things that are not in climate control, are the motors and the screen. And I have noticed theat the casing on the screen does get hot, hotter than the motors it seems.

I was gonna build a cover for noise and dust control, but might make the Tempature issue worse. So I’ll hold off.

The motors should be fine unless you push them really hard. I would be more worried about the router than the steppers. We use steppers to control throttle valves at work that are heated above 100c without issue. It’s the electronics that don’t like too much heat. Normally when an environment gets above 60c we remove the electronics. 115f isn’t at that point but I would still be a little cautious.

Yup noticed the Router warmer than usual. Couldn’t keep my fingers on it longer than a few seconds. And that’s running 100ipm 10,000rpm no deeper than .25 per pass on Polystyrene foam.board Shouldn’t be the friction, the foam was fine and no sign of melting.

For info… My Controller/RasbPi is indoors in a nice 78F laundry room, so not worried about it.