Mounting Shared Drive

My current work practice is to do most of my design work in my home office on a Win10 pc. I have a shared drive on the work machine. I go to my shop where I have a linux laptop that mounts that share using Samba. The linux laptop has no problem connecting to the OF also in the shop for me to upload gcode files via web browser. However, there are times when the linux laptop isn’t available. Any advice on how to mount my shared windows drive to the OF controller’s drive space? I’m tech proficient other than never had occasion to mess in linux (yes, I know, the linux folks will say this sentence contains mutually exclusive elements :crazy_face:).

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Why not connect to the controller and upload files from the office PC and skip the laptop?


I use my phone or laptop and upload the files via the controller web interface. I store them in Google drive or my nas.

When the shop laptop is available, I sometimes use it to tweak my files (running Vcarve Pro under wine). When the laptop isn’t available, it would still be nice to reach back to the office PC for toolpaths I don’t have already on the OF.

Hi John - assuming all the computers and controllers are on the same network, you can directly access the controller and upload the file. Alternatively, through a little linux magic, you can enable SAMBA on the RPI and mount the upload directory to your PC - that will allow you to drop files into the controller directly. So rather than mounting your PC to the controller, mount the controller to the PC. Will that work?


Hi Tom - …I am thinking of the situation where I am in the shop running the CNC, and decide I want some gcode files that are still on the PC in the house. It would be convenient, but by no means a show stopper, if I could pull them from the shop. This may be ill conceived on my part to screw around with the RPI. It rains alot where I live, and I have three daughters, so there are times when running back to the house runs the twin risks of getting wet and estrogen poisoning :smirk:

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If you use an online solution like Google drive you can upload from your cellphone if on the same network as the controller. Only issue is if it is Android you need to connect to where the 0s are replaced with the ip address displayed in the upper right of the controller display.

Found this thread on a search because I figured someone on here must have tried it.

I have a SS drive connected to my router and shared on the LAN. On all the 6 PCs in the house I have that share mapped as the P:\ drive. So wherever I go I can save or retrieve files from that drive. Makes it easy and I never have to use SneakerNet between PCs.

I’d like to be able to mount that same share to the Pi in the Onefinity controller and wondering if this solution will work. I want it to auto-mount each time the controller boots up.

Then wherever I am I can save gcode to a folder on that shared drive and access it from the controller.

Wondering if this possible and if anyone has done this were there any issues.

I know this is a bit later but I have a SMB share mounted to my controller. It makes it really convenient to have a symlink to the folder on my share that I store my G-Code in. Previously I would connect to my NAS via my phone and select the file but this saves me a few steps and gets me operating faster.

The guide you referenced is awfully close to what I ended up doing.

I don’t know if it was because of my share (coming from Synology) but I had to add:

,vers=3.0,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0

To the end of the FSTAB definition of my share. It ended up looking like this:

// /home/pi/cnc cifs credentials=/root/.smbcreds,vers=3.0,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0

One thing I did though was make the user that connects read-only, as the touch interface to browse files makes it way too easy to drag and drop files around while trying to traverse the file system. This keeps me from unintentional changes.