Multiple Origins Has Unexpected Behaivior on BB Controller / Solved works as expected using G92 offsets

Hey Chris,

G54 is just a coordinate system like the others, with the exception that it is selected after power up. All G54–59.3 commands persist until another of them is given.

You may have a G92 offset in effect before switching to another coordinate system (e.g. to the one selected with G55) and the G92 offset will remain in effect (=the G54–G59.3 coordinate systems add on this then) or you may set G92 later, which will have the same result.

See Coordinate Systems – LinuxCNC.

G53 – Move in machine coordinates

But this has nothing to do with G54. G55 is a coordinate system of its own. The offsets are given in machine coordinates and a G92 offset adds to all coordinate systems.

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