Y axis error codes

I am getting a Y axis error code when I try to load any program…I have the datum set in the lower corner, I did get my outline to cut somehow, but have been unable to get anything else to run. Newbie here and getting very frustrated. Have read similar posts and have tried everything they suggested and still have been unable to do anything more than the outline.

I am trying to get the Stars and Stripes to cut

If I am understanding you correctly the likely issue is that your origin in CAM and your origin in reality aren’t matching.

For example: In CAM your piece origin is in the center. In reality you set the origin at the bottom left corner. Your gcode is telling the machine that half of your part needs to be cut in the negative Y direction (which is off the table where you are standing).

The fix: make sure your origin in CAM is the same location as where you actually probe it on the part.

Yeah, What Nick said probably. You’ll need to match your origins together - Bottom-Left in your code and Bottom-Left on the machine (Or Center/Center, whatever your design needs).

Thanks, my point of origin matched in both, I just had my wood to close to the edge of the table below the home point.