Y Axis not traveling all the way when doing first surface cut

Good evening group, I am doing my first ever cut on my X-50. Surfacing the spoil board. It Is so exciting!!! But … It stopped short on the “Y” axis! About 10" short then re-homed (it surfaced the majority of the surface without a hitch). I am a little frustrated, but it is so exciting to at least get the machine up and running, I have had it since before Christmas. ANY suggestions? I am using a program to surface the spoil board, and all was going great until it was finished.

Could be a number of different issues. Where is your datum/origin point set in your design program? Are you setting xyz zero from same location? If you purchased the file, are you creating the toolpaths or running from a toolpath file that came with your purchase? Could be that is set for different sized machine. If you need help, reach out to me in FB messenger

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Hey Russell,

as Mitz already suggested, if you use a program, you got to check its parameters. Did you use the correct machine model workarea size?

What are you meaning with “re-homed”? Are you talking of an error that aborts the program? If so, what is its error message?