Errors trying to surface spoilboard

I’m trying to surface my journeyman for the first time and keeping getting errors? Not real sure I’m doing wrong. I’m using VCarve pro. File is 48”x 32.125” as is the spoilboard.

Anyone care offer some guidance?

Both errors are telling you the cut file has movements outside the max dimensions of the machine.

Example, first line is trying to move X to a negative location 1.554mm ‘behind’ zero; or to the left if you are looking at the front of the machine. That is impossible to do if zero is equal to home (which it probably is if you are thing to surface the entire spoil board).

If you using lead-in, or lead-out that might make the machine travel farther than the actual cut size. Take a close look at your tool path near the machine boundaries and see if it moving beyond the dimensions of the machine.



@cyberreefguru can I send you my cut file to inspect? I did go through it but maybe I’m missing something?

I think your file is telling the controller to exeed the soft limits by a small amount. Decrease the file size by a couple mm and you should be good. You may need to extend the bit out a small amount to allow the Z axis to
reach lower. You have reached the maximum extension which is 1 mm short of what the file is asking for.

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Hi John - sure thing, happy to take a look. What SW are you using to generate the file?


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@cyberreefguru I’m using VCarve Pro

I get this issue, and it as the chaps above say. A quick check is to recreate your file with the dimensions a bit smaller in the direction and magnitude of the warning. You may also need to move your home zero from your ideal location. Then surface your board. If you end up with a narrow boundary of unsurfaced stock around your board, you can finish that off by positioning your spindle at the new surface zero (I use mdi to do this) and move in the x or y (as necessary) with the controller or mdi to clear up the edge (no lead-in issues with manual cutting)

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@AndyP awesome thank you!