X and y different each time machine re-homes

Question for you guys. Last night I started a carve and experienced a power outage. Luckily I took a picture of the screen so I knew my absolute x and y zero before the carve began.

Today I started with a fresh piece of wood and got my new x and y zero all squared away, again taking a picture of the screen just in case. This has become standard practice.

Well, I don’t know what happened this time but during the carve the machine stopped moving and the screen said “unhomed” for x and y axis’. I suspect this may have been caused by the dust collection and static interference but keep reading as this is not my main issue currently.

Here’s my issue/concern: I restarted the machine and it re-homed as usual. I then told the machine to go to the previous x and y zero points and when I did it was several inches off on the Y only. Why?? I don’t get it…I’m beyond confused…

Can someone help me?? I’ve now lost 2 pieces of wood as the x and y zero are crucial on these particular carves I’m doing…


Several inches off in Y?
Are you sure the Y axis is stall homing right against the machine legs?
Is there anything ( a piece of wood ) trapped between the Y gantry and the machine foot?