Setting Origin at Wasteboard Height

I’ve been trying to figure this thing out for a while or maybe I’m just missing something but I’ve been trying to figure out an easy way to set my z-height to 0 at my wasteboard height.

I’ve always set my origin at the top of my part but this can sometimes be an issue if I’m making multiple parts with tabs and the wood I’m using is all a slightly different thicknesses. Rather than constantly export multiple programs with different material thicknesses I figured it’d be easier to set the origin at the wasteboard.

Now here’s the problem, somewhere in the code or post-processor it generates this toolpath that would crash right into the workpiece.

toolpath (24.5 KB)

I simulated it in fusion360 and the toolpath seems fine. I’ve also uploaded the code into an online g-code viewer and it looks fine there.

The last place I’m thinking of is somewhere in the start/end g-code in the settings tab on the machine itself. I’m not super savvy in g-code but I’ don’t see anything there that would cause that to happen.

If anyone has any idea on what to try I’m all ears.

Are you using @blaghislain post processor?

I’m using the post-processor that can be found in the fusion 360 cloud library.

That looks different than the one I have been using without issues. I recommend switching over to this. Fusion 360 Post Processor (Download Links Included) - #31 by blaghislain