My first inlay with Carveco

Hi everyone
I thought I give an inlay a try with the help of youtube ( Vernon Hinkle channel ) He uses Carveco software like i do. Turned out very good for my first try.


I am just starting with inlays as well. I see that the inlay wood grain is 90 degrees from the female. Is that the desired way to do inlays? I couldn’t find much on the topic and thought I would ask.

Hi yea I know. It was just a test run. I noticed it after lol. I’m going to try some more detail inlays today.You can do the inlays anyway i guess. Will post some pics later when I’m done.

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Not at all! Grain direction is primarily a creative choice.

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I want to give inlays a try, they look really fun to do. Very nice.
Also, +10 points for Destiny content lol.

Thanks love Destiny 2 !! V craving is tough. I can do easy shapes but having trouble with letters and small details stuff , it’s a lot harder then the videos show. Thanks