My x ain't x-in

During my last carve my x axis made a few stutter type bangs as it was returning to the left then stoped. It didn’t make it far maybe two inches from the extreme right. I can return the two inches to the right turning the lead-screw by hand but when I turn it to go left it goes the two inches then you can hear it hit something solid, comes to an abrupt stop with a bang. I re-booted, visually inspected the exterior for any obstructions, found nothing. Its so far over to the right I can’t get to the screws that hold the ballscrews so I can inspect them, its own support is in the way. I really don’t want to tear into it and I really really don’t want to ship it back to Canada it will take forever.
If anyone has had any experience or suggestions with this Id really appreciate it. Thanks

I don’t have any personal experience with this (yet) but maybe you can relate to this?

Edit: if this does end up being the issue, advise not to use WD-40. I know I’m probably going to start a debate here but WD-40 isn’t a lubricant. It will effectively grab all your little chips and dust particles and ironically cause more of the same issues it’s being used to prevent.

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Thanks, it seems to be a jamed ball screw.
I found a video on repairing ball-screws and a ball bearing can come out of place and stop any movement.
I’ll call Onefinity tomorrow. Thanks again

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We’ll save you a phone call :slight_smile:
If you’ve taken the ball nut off the ball screw (which should never be done), the fix is purchasing a new ball nut here (if you have an x35)

Or here if you have an x50:

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