New Woodworker Outside Cut going CCW

I’ve got my New Woodworker set up and have been cutting some MDF pieces as a test. I’m using the Carbide Create Pro Software (Purchased) as I try to learn FreeCAD 19 (64 Bit). When I make a cut for the Outside of my Part I select Outside (supposed to be a Clockwise Cut) in Carbide Create Pro. But the *.NC Code Cuts a Counter Clockwise Cut (CCW) on the Woodworker. I don’t have any reason to change it, since it works, but I’m also trying to add some G-Code for Chamfers on Only three sides of my Part. Chamfers in Carbide Create Pro seem to be elusive, and FreeCAD V19 seems to be problematic for me as a new user.

Is there an easy way to test the Woodworker for outside cuts that are CW vs CCW to make sure it’s wired correctly?

I’ve purchased the USB cable Joystick and a 11.8" HDMI Monitor from Newegg to replace the small Screen. Best investments ever for my Woodworker.


this is climb cutting vs conventional, and carbide create does not give you a choice on which way to go. Vectric does.

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OK, If I create a part in FreeCAD V 19 and want to create G-Code that is compatible with my Onefinity Woodworker, what type postprocessor should I select. Linunxcnc will not execute on my Woodworker.
Choices are:

Linuxcnc will not execute on my Woodworker as it is waiting on limit switch detection.


grbl is the most likely one that will work.

Hey Larry,

this makes no sense to me. Can you post the exact error?

Did you adjust the postprocessor to the real XYZ dimensions of the Onefinity machine?