Official Power Requirements for Onefinity (x-35/x-50 versions)

The DC output of the Meanwell power supply is 9.7A. This is not equivalent to the AC input current. To calculate the maximum AC input current you also have to take into account the efficiency of the power conversion. Long story short, the maximum AC input current is typically 3.44A at full load.

This does not take into consideration of the vacuum and router/spindle that require much more power. These should be on separate circuits than the controller and screen.

The Makita Trim Router uses 6.5amps.

The Onefinity touch screen uses 3 amps.

A typical shop vac uses around ~8 amps.

Total amps: ~21 amps.

If you are having issues with your machine and have all of these on one power strip, you’re most likely overloading the strip as most household strips can handle 15amps max.

Best practice is to have the controller and screen on one circuit, and the router and vacuum on a separate circuit from the controller/screen.