Onefinity CNC Wisconsin Users

Would like to create a Wisconsin user group that
get together once and awhile to share their experiences
and brainstorm new ways to make their CNC work
more efficient and easy to create new and improved ways to utilize your Onefinity CNC.

Where in Wisconsin are you? I’m in NW Wisconsin about 1-1/2 hrs north of Eau Claire.

A really good YouTube couple (twomoosedesign) is from Wisconsin. They use the 1F.

I am from WI. Lived in a small town 100 miles north of Green Bay called Aurora. I have since moved to a different state, MI. I’m about 3 minutes from my home town! I’m in Iron Mountain, MI.

If you would take a “Transplant”, I would be happy to join!

I live in the Milwaukee area.

Now that co-vid 19 has calmed down. Is anyone Interested in starting a wisconsin onefinity CNC user group? Please let me know what you think? Your input would be greatly appreciated. Take care and have a nice week😁

I am in central WI… May be interested

I live in Southeastern Wi, may also be interested

I’m in Cuba City, Southwest Wi. I’d consider meeting somewhere centrally located.

Or via Zoom??? (needed 28 characters)

I’m in NW Wisconsin. Spooner/Rice Lake area