Onefinity Electricity usage

Have finally gotten around to trying to accurately calculate my workshops electricity usage.

I’m sure many of you have done similar to determine running costs etc. so I thought I would start here to try and get as starting point.

Has anyone done the math on total kWh for the Onefinity Woodworker - running a Makita router?
Lets just say number aint my strong suit. And if I’m being honest, I am new to running business in general. I would love to get an estimate range of what you all charge to run your machine for cut jobs?? I understand the vast amount of variables when it comes to setting running costs (bit wear and tear, setup fees, tool changes, types of cuts(?), electricity usage etc etc…) but do any of you possibly have some advice for me here on how to come up with a fair amount to charge?

Thanks in advance!

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Makita router is rated at 800 watts…typical carving, likely closer to 500 W

Motors and controller, around 100 W (obviously heavy cutting would drive the numbers up)

So 600- 900 W…ie. .6 to 0,9 kWh for every 1 hour of run time

In Ontario Canada, I pay 10-18 cents per kWh, depending on the time of day

If your electricity rate is higher, then it goes up

Short answer, 10-30 cents per hour of run time



Awesome, thanks Alan

I think @EdwoodCrafting has a device measuring the current of his router.


I do have a KW hour meter on my 1.5KW spindle. My observations on the current/wattage are surprisingly low for the types of 3D carves I tend to do i.e very low hundreds of Watts. Add in the 4 stepper motors, the controller box for another 100W and you are under 500W/Hour for most cuts. Bottom line the hourly cost is really negligible compared to consumables.

Your mileage may vary.