Onefinity Elite Masso Motor Specs FAQ

Wiring diagram

  • 36VDC = Positive Power - Red Wire
  • GND = Ground Power - Black Wire
  • S+ = Step Positive - Yellow Wire
  • S- = Step Negative - Orange Wire
  • D+ = Direction Positive - Gray Wire
  • D- = Direction Negative - Black Wire
  • ENA+ = Enable - Green Wire
  • ALM+ = Alarm - Purple Wire

(V1) (V2 w/resitor)

Dip Switches:

Dip switches are the white switches numbered 1-6 in the blue portion of the motor.

All dip switches should be up/on. DO NOT CHANGE THESE SWITCHES.

Ensure all dip switches are in the ‘up’ position as indicated by the blue rectangle and white numbered switches at the bottom of this photo:
switch 123 and 4 are resolution settings. We have ours set up for 400 pulses/rev.

Switch 5 is the rising or falling of the clock edge of the step signal.

Switch 6 is motor direction.

Replacing Motor Video:

Tech Specs:

Closed-Loop Stepper Motor Specifications
Frame size: NEMA #23
Shaft: 8mm (.315")
Input Voltage: 36V DC
Output Current: 4.5A 20 KHz PWM
Pulses/Revolution: 800
Maximum Torque: 1.2 Nm (Newton meters)
12.236 kg/cm (kilogram centimeter)
169.934 oz/in (ounce inch)
10.62 in/lb (inch pound)

Torque Information
Stepper motors provide high torque at low RPM but as
the RPM increases the available torque reduces. The
below graph can be used for machine feed rate and torque

Status LED & Alarms

The motors provide two visual indications of motor status.
A Green LED indicates that the motor is powered.
A Red LED indicates that the motor is in an alarm state.

Alarms can be caused by any of the below reasons:
• The enable signal of 5v to 24v is not received by the
• The motor received STEP signals that have acceleration
or top RPM higher than the motor can support. This
will also be affected by how much load is on the motor.
• The power applied to the motor is less or more than
the motor’s specifications.
• The current required to work under load is not enough.
• The motor is not able to complete requested rotation
due to external mechanical issues such as the machine
axis hitting something or getting stuck.


Motor Light Meanings:

GREEN: Motor is powered
RED: Motor Alarm
GREEN / RED Alternating: The alternating Red Green motor alarm indication shows loss of position.