Onefinity User Map Database

There was a post on the Facebook group asking people to share their location to find users near you. I think this is a great idea for those comfortable with sharing their basic location for others to find you.
I made this map for users to add themselves to. I had seen something similar to this in the past but it seemed to die out. Hopefully this one can be used and added to more than the last. :smile:

To add yourself click the “add marker” under the search bar. Here you can drop a pin on your city, enter your name and any other information you want to put in the description.

I added my machine, the software that I’m using, and the business I’m trying to run.

Let me know if this is working and ways I can improve this database.

UPDATE: USE THIS ONE : Owners Map Locations

There previously was a map, don’t know if it’s been maintained much


Preston, just added myself to the map.
Also found you on IG. Panda_Bay_Creations is my account.

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Cool! Thanks for the follow!

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followed both of you, on IG ! I’m @mtannerdesigns if it wasn’t obvious


Haha. I did see that and wondered if it was from this post. Followed back. Thanks!!

BTW… that’s some kick ass epoxy work too!!

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Map has been updated, as of 7/12/2022.

Owners Map Locations - Onefinity CNC Forum

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