Options for controlling the Masso G3/Touch

The Masso controller allows a variety of options for control.

I am not sure what Onefinity will allow with respect to adding functionality to the Elite series machines, but besides the Masso pendant which will be supported, functions can be controlled via keyboard, mouse, and configured inputs.

Here is a page describing the keyboard and key shortcuts:


Here is a page describing the configurable inputs:


I just received my additional macro programmable key board, and double layer transparent keycaps.
I am using them to take some functions from the touch screen and making them easier to access and use while monitoring the cut more closely.

Here are before and after photos.

The knob is programed so that a push takes me to the F1 screen, and when the feed and spindle over rides are selected (F11/F12), the knob CCW and CW rotations act to decrease and increase the rates respectively.

I am still planning what inputs/outputs/displays/switches etc will be placed on a custom console that will be mounted at the front of the CNC. There are many available options to consider, and the console will likely undergo many revisions as I get to know my various work flows.