Order of operations questions

Issue 1: Cutting out “relief text” generated by VCarve. I have a .5" bowl bit, .25 endmill and .125 endmill toolset selected.

I have been going large to small, and find I can blow out detail. Am I better off working up in size or is this a speed/feed, or even material issue.

Issue 2: The project is “tiled” do you chuck one bit, probe it and move the work, or do you change bits and only move the work once per tile.

I ask because asking is cheaper than wasting more material. … Like Edison, I am working on knowing 2000 ways on how NOT to make something.


best to only move the workpiece one time. VCarve will generate the carve in the order you place the bits in the bit selection box for that toolpath, if you want to share the project you can send it to me and I can make a short video going into a little bit more detail with your exact file in front of me, it tends to make a lot more sense with the same file instead of hypotheticals. CNCSeth@gmail and If you send it I will also post the video over here in case anybody else has same question and is following the post :grinning: