[clear] toolpaths - multiple sized endmills

I have a project (below) that I hog out a lot of material with 1/4" endmill and then clean it up with a 1/16" pass.

If I save all the toolpaths to one file, will it do all the 1/4" work first? Or do I need to make separate toolpath files? I’m using VCarve Pro.

And does anyone know if there’s a 1/16" endmill with a 1/4" shaft available? I’d prefer not to mess with changing the collet if I don’t have to.

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Save each Tool to it’s own file.

No. VCarve defines the G-Code in the order of your operations. You can group them yourself or in the Save Toolpaths select the multiple file option and then the group by tool option under that. 1F does not recommend a single file with tool changes as they don’t support jogging for positioning & Z height changes so you can get the bit in/out of the router. There is some code on the forum you can add to the controller setup that can enable jogging functionality to execute on a tool change but you’ll have to do that setup manually - it’s not “out of the box” functionality.

As noted 1F says to use multiple toolpaths.

1/16" for the full cutting length or something like a tapered ballnose but?

Jim, full cutting depth, so it can reach into the small areas

bitsbits.com has a number of them.

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