VCarve Pro and Group where possible

Having an issue with saving my toolpaths using “Visible Tool Paths to Multiple Files – Group where possible”.

I’m using the Onefinity X-50 post processor. I want the toolpath output to group tool paths based on the tool.

The post processor is behaving as if I have an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) and created a SINGLE file. My Onefinity X-50 DOES NOT have a ATC. I was expecting multiple files grouped by a common tool.

What gives?
Why do I get a single file?


Do each of the tools you used have the same tool number? It doesn’t matter what the geometry is (e.g. 1/8 ballnose, 1/4" end mill, 90 degree v-bit) - if they all have the same tool number VCarve will put them into the same file when using the group tool paths.


Ok, I did this. Each tool had a unique number. 4 tools in all.
VCarve Pro still placed it in a single file.
Maybe it’s the Onefinity post processor. Not sure.
I think I’ll try the VCarve forums.

Should not do that.

If you upload the file one of us can take a look at it.

Did you ever find a solution for this, I am having the same issue. Thanks ahead of time


This ever get solved?