OneFinity post processers in VCarve Pro - not reading pass depth

Today I purchased VCarve Pro, downloaded the software, pulled in the 1F X50 post processor. Created all my tool paths, and the graphics show multiple passes. When I save my file, though, it comes out as one single full depth pass.

I thought maybe it wasn’t reading the data in the tools section, but I changed the spindle speed and it picked that up.

Anyone else ever had that problem?

This may be way out there as I’ve not seen that behavior, but have you specified the toolpaths in inches but used the mm post-processor to save them or vice versa? I would hope that VCarve would auto-translate the measurements but perhaps it doesn’t and you’re getting bitten by a unit problem.

The other thought is that maybe you’ve got an issue with the controller’s software load and a factor reset will kick it in the pants and fix the behavior. I know someone else who had wonky Z diving occurring and it wasn’t solved until they had him do a reset.

Huh - so what I just realized is that its because I have the ‘start depth’ set to .1", and flat depth set to .1". So it’s reading my pass depth of .5 and adding it to the start depth.

I’m doing an inlay in Vcarve section, and all the tutorials say to set your start depth like that, but there’s obviously no way I would want to do a .15" depth into hardwood.

I guess I’ll just do an offset from my pattern and do a 2D pocket for clearing, and just select the rest for the vcarve on the male part of the inlay.

Yep. That’s a simple mistake to make.

But it should work okay with a thin (.1 or .05) offset as you’re just shaving the tiniest piece of material.