Vectric multiple toolpath with pauses inbetween

If i save multiple toolpaths together in vectric pro will there be a pause between each toolpath in the save file?

I am cutting vinyl flooring and it is not all the same quality out there in the world, so when I get a new brand I run test cuts to dial in my feeds and speeds.

My toolpaths are usually 3 groups ( 100 ipm, 80 ipm, 60 ipm) and each group has 5 lines each (speed 1 through 5 on makita router). I made each line its own toolpath so I can change the router speed between lines. I am hoping that I can just combine them all into one save file and have the onefinity pause between each toolpath in the file, change the speed, then hit continue rather than load each line separately is that how it will work with the onefinity?

Hey CrazieBird,

you can control the behaviour at ‘tool-change’ (M6) event in the ‘tool-change’ field of General Configuration Tab. See here.

Not if they use the same tool. If they use different bits then VCarve puts an M6 change tool command.

Based on what you seem to be doing, it’s the former (dialing in feeds & speeds on a new material).

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Hey CrazieBird,

I’m sure you know if you had a VFD-driven Spindle or a PWM-controlled spindle or milling motor, you would be able to alter the speed inside the g-code program by using the “S” command. Also the speed of frequency-driven spindles is not affected by load, while a router’s speed is dependent on load. Speed rating given for routers is always just the speed with no load.

Hey Jim,

if CrazieBird has no tool change events between the toolpathes, is it possible to insert something like M0, M1, M6 or G4 in VCarve?

If you edit the GCode file after generation or if you modify the post-processor to do the inert for each path but there’s no automatic setting that I know of.

CrazyBird, I just did the same thing this afternoon. I had some hold downs with recess for nut/washer and a slot for the bolt. Created two tool paths with the same bit. When it got to the second operation, I had a pop-up asking if I wanted to continue. You could then at that time adjust your router speed. I am using Vectric Pro and a Buildbotics controller if that makes any difference.

Could you not create 5 different tools in your data base, all based on the particular tool, then change the feed/speeds for those duplicate tools? Then when you create your tool path even though it is the same tool , it would look like it is a different tool. This seems the easiest implementation of what you want. You could change the speed at each tool change prompt and jsut ignore the bit changing part.

E.g. Just create a new group in your current tool database and call it Test Cut Tools and then list the same tool 5x and then on each tool path select the appropriate tool with speed.

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