Probing inbetween Tool Changes

Hi All,

Have have done a simple test cut and am battling with my next project that required tool changes.

Not even sure where to start…

My outer profile cut will be done with 1/4 inch Down cut Endmill but when that is complete and I want to do the pocketing toolpaths on the tray, do I need to probe with the new bit? I am wanting to use the Whiteside 1372 bit which is for bowls and trays - so do I need to change bits and then probe with this new bit? Do i probe XYZ or just need to probe Z?

I am also having issues inside VCarve Pro when I try to save all the tool paths to one file, I get error messages saying: “Profile 1 and Profile 3 both use tool number 1, but the geometry of the tools is different” Where do i define what Tool number 1 is?

Im so confused right about now… and suggestions or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.

I don’t have my machine yet but, I believe you need to save each toolpath separately since you don’t have an auto tool changer.

In VCarve Pro, in the toolpath editors when you select the bit for an operation the dialog box for bit parameters allows you to define the tool number:


Holy Smokes I was so happy when I found that out…Weird that all tools are set to Tool 1 by default… So what I did was re-number the tools for the Bits I do have and set all other bits to Tool Number 0. Not sure if that’s correct or not but it seemed to do the trick.

Also managed to get through a Tool Change fairly successfully…

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated

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No problem, but you may be going to more effort than you need to regarding tool numbers and not enough effort when it comes to saving toolpaths. Every bit can be tool #1 if it is the only bit in the toolpath file. I have read elsewhere on this forum that multi-bit jobs should be saved as individual files.


Watch videos on YouTube to lean how to use Vectric…


Thanks Tony. Very helpful.

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check this one too…


Tony! Awesome dude, I am so glad that you’ve shined light on this matter, I read from another OF member that we had to save our toolpaths in separate files and that this (which you’ve just illustrated, thank you…) was not possible. Well this definitely makes it that much better in one sweep. Thanks again Tony, really appreciate it! :slight_smile:


The only issue with that currently is when it pauses to do a tool change you cannot jog the machine in x y or z…so if it doesn’t raise the z high enough you cannot get your bit out…and then your stuck. Just keep that in mind when running multiple tools.

Understood, thank you… will support for tool changes be ever supported?

Thank you.


Possibly. We look at the ‘featured requests’ very often and track the most wanted features.


Thank you, very much!

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So, what is the trick or technique or relevant setting in CAM software (I use Vcarve Pro), that will get the z axis to raise up when a tool needs to be changed??

I don’t know if I am doing it correctly but when the machine stops for a tool change I just raise the Z with my controler change the bit and probe Z and press go and it stars over.


Ok, that’s weird, Yvon, as just four hours ago OneFinity posted in this thread that “…when it pauses to do a tool change you cannot jog the machine in x y or z…”

I started confused, now must add bewildered.

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Hi John, this is pretty confusing from Onefinity’s side.

I also managed to jog my Z in between tool changes. I needed to remove my dust boot, but also raise the bit in order to fit my probe under it to probe Z for the new bit. Seemed to work out.

So with multiple toolpaths: I save all the toolpaths using the same bit to one file. In between files, I use my joystick to jog Z up slightly, change out bits, place probe on same XY corner as original file and then just probe Z. Once that is done the next file is ready to be run.


Having separate files is why you can move it. If you had multiple tools in one file is when you cannot adjust z.


BJ, that is contraindicated by what Yvon posted, isn’t it? And in Tony’s video above? Or Yvon, please clarify, did you mean you can adjust Z for a bit change within the same toolpath file, or just between files??

To clarify , all of my toolpath are save separetly for each bit.