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Hey Jim,

No jogging in x, y, or z possible during tool change event (M6)

I also read nearly everything too since I joined in March '21 and with the same motivation: I wanted to get a realistic and extensive picture of the machine because I had other machines in mind to buy.

As for the posting you mean, I also think that I should have seen it, but as far as I remember, @OnefinityCNC adressed the topic only in their posting from 2021-02-23 which I already mentioned above:

You could deduce from this that they consider it as “most wanted” but it’s not explicitly written there. And it’s not posted under Feature Requests, but under Onefinity CNC MachinesHow to.

That I remember this post so well is because I found it really wrong, that they say sort of “we can’t do anything about it” and let the user stuck with a milling motor doing nothing on receiving a tool change command (M6), stuck at a position with no chance to get the bit out of the collet, instead of at least putting something like the Buildbotics’ suggestion I mentioned above into the “tool change” window.

If you believe that this issue was mentioned at other occasions and you want to hunt it down, maybe you should also look for posts from the other members of the “About” group (@OnefinityCNC, @Mark, @MindOfMcClure and of course @James). Sometimes they know things :slight_smile:.

But if you want to make it short, and if you rightly say this issue/feature is important for versatily in matters of workflows and the competitor’s cnc controllers can do it, maybe it should better be expressed explicitly as a Feature Request.

By the way, under Feature Requests, this issue/feature is mentioned: Tool change jogging plus notifcation/ETA of toolchange by @Liam_Riles, but no reply from @OnefinityCNC.

Jim’s Fisher-style Journeyman flippable table

Is the controller in a drawer or how did you solve this? A picture would be interesting.

This is rather narrow. And “tray”, you mean it’s open? Don’t you fear dust?

For being a reader that reads everything, then you overlooked this :slight_smile:

Yes that’s fine, a flippable table should be ready for use quickly, and open cables are not necessarily nice either.

Oh, someone read this :slight_smile:! Seriously, it’s clear that in fact it’s nothing new that is written there, it’s a known issue with all these connectors.