Tool change Z probing problem

New to the game. Trying to machine a software provided relief or a down loaded .stl model using Carveco software, clearing tool seems to do its job every time how ever after tool change and probe 1/6" ball end cuts air, every time .110" high.Used 2 different computers and software sets same result. Any ideas? Thanks

what firmware are you running?

1.0.5 And Thanks for getting back to me on this.

Next piece of the puzzle, I updated the firmware on the off chance that would resolve the problem. Same results, after tool change and probe still cuts air. The carveco software generates the tool paths for the roughing tool and the finishing tool at the same time, so instead of saving them both as one file I saved and ran the separately, and the cut was near perfect. It appears that what ever is happening occurs at the tool change and probe when I am prompted to change the tool and probe. Again any ideas. Thanks

I am having this same issue. I am running firmware 1.0.9 and using Carveco 1.37. After performing a tool change and probing z the next cut is .110" high.

each tool must be it’s own file.

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That was my workaround. It is unfortunate since running an area clearance you have to accept the longer tool run or modify the toolpath to carve only around the intricate areas that require the smaller diameter cuts. Out of curiosity is this limitation tied to carveco or the onefinity controller?

It’s the controller, not carveco.

This was almost 2 years ago, had to do some remembering and digging trough old emails and this is what I found. If you are using a touch plate with different dimensions than the 1 onefinity sells then this is the resolution, this is the copy and pasted contents of the correspondence I received. Ultimately I stopped using the touch plate in lieu a piece of paper and running separate files for each tool, I get much more consistent results.

"The Development team came back with this:
There are two places where the probe dimensions need to be entered:
-The settings page (used for the probe buttons)
-In the tool-change gcode under settings. This code is executed when the controller finds a tool change command in the gcode.

So when changing the probe dimensions, it will affect the probe xyz and probe z buttons…but you’ll need to edit the tool-change gcode under settings also so it will adjust for the tool change your performing. Try it out and let us know if it works!

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You’ve got to be kidding me???!!! :grinning:
is there a newer update to this?
I’m running 1.3.1 on a Journeyman X50.

I’ve been beating my head against the wall all week running tests that keep failing, because every time my job pauses and says, ‘time for a tool change’ and then I attempt to probe Z again, it just spins and doesn’t complete.

So I have to run EVERY tool as a separate job?? there’s no fix and/or update for this problem? the probe won’t work to change the tool, re-probe Z and then keep rolling??

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Hey B2Bass,

a g-code file with multiple tool changes works fine with the Buildbotics and the buildbotics-derived Onefinity controller. It’s just that you have to put a useful tool-change routine into the ‘tool-change’ field on the SETTINGS page (there is no useful routine in this field on the stock Onefinity). You can use my Aiph5u’s ‘tool-change’ routine.