Multi Tool Change Process

I am an experienced Shapeoko user and new to the Onefinity Woodworker and I am experiencing extreme frustration changing tools and the zeroing process for each tool change. I am utilizing the touch probe in this process. Is there a listing of the individual steps required in order to make a correct change? Right now I get one done successfully and I think I have it and then I cut too deep, etc. Fortunatey, I am using scrap while I try to get this process right. Any help in a sequential, simplified summary would be appreciated. I haven’t found a video. Thanks Gerry

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If your just probing for z, you flip the probe to the backside and probe inside the recess.

It’s not the first bit that is the issue. It is the subsequent bit changes. Do I need to
reset x and y from the upper right menu before doing the z probe for bit 2 and/or each bit change?

what software/post processor are you using?
is it all one toolpath or separated per tool?

It is now the Onefinity inches PP. I have limited the tool changes just for testing and are individual tool changes, but on a more complex project they might be 6 or 7 with some tools used 3 or 4 times. I have not ventured to the to the complex until I have figured out the whole process.

Sorry I forgot - I use Vectric Desktop Pro.

Hi Gerald. So I use Vcarve Pro and have successfully done a few projects with multiple tool changes using the touch probe. This is my process for changing tools after the first tool path has finished and the machine returned to zero:

Stop my router and dust collection
Raise router bit and remove dust boot
Place probe upside down on material (make sure you don’t place it where material has already been cut or you will register a position lower than where you want to cut and will result in a cut thats too deep)
Attach magnet to collet (so I don’t forget)
Position router bit slightly above probe
Hit “Probe Z” on the controller - machine probes z
Remove probe and magnet
Raise bit and replace dust boot
Turn on router and dust collection
Run the next tool path
This works every time for me. When it hasn’t it’s because I screwed something up in my tool path/planning. Hope this is helpful.


With all of the above being said, if I use stop collars on my bits and they are all sized the same, would I still need to probe for z?

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There was a YouTube video on that but that method has not been adopted by many as far as I can tell. Using the touch pad has produced bottoms of carvings where the change of 1/4" to 1/8" bits cannot be detected,

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Thank you for the chronology summary of your moves. It all makes sense and I will give it a go.

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