After probing, cutting starts outside of material

I’m not sure if I’ve had this issue all the time. I haven’t updated the firmware since I got the machine (journeyman x-50) in march, so I guess that’s the case.

My problem is that when I’ve probed XYZ with the Onefinity Touchprobe, the cutting starts about -0,5" on both the X and Y axis. I’ve measured the probe and adjusted the numbers in the controller software.

In my attached drawing the dotted lines represent the cut.

Did you measure from the inside edge of the probe block, like so?

Your drawing makes it look like you maybe measured from outside to outside which would put your XY at the bottom left corner of the block instead of the inside corner.

Also, if you’re using Vcarve check in your Job Setup menu and make sure that Use Offset is unchecked in the XY Datum Position box. There’s probably a similar option in other softwares.


Thanks for taking the time!

When I explained it to my girlfriend after I had posted I realized exactly that: I probably measured the outsides of the probe!

Thank you again! I’ll post again when I’m back in the workshop and have entered the new numbers!

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Hey henke,

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