Touch probe issues? (solved)

Okay smart folks, I’m sure I have a stupid noob question, but I’ll be damned if I can figure it out. It appears as if I may be having a couple of different problems with the touch probe. I purchased the touch probe directly from Onefinity and it was delivered with the 1F.

The first problem is that it only intermittently recognizes the touch when asked to manually touch the probe to the bit. Sometimes it will recognize it after the first or second touch, other times I need to fiddle with it for a while before it will recognize it. I checked the connections and they’re all firmly seated.

The second problem is that it doesn’t appear to zero properly when I use the touch probe. After using the probe to zero for the first time, I received an error that my Y axis is mm less that then soft value of 0. After a while I had an epiphany that maybe the settings in the software were different than the physical size of the probe. Sure enough, the software was set for about 10mm less than the physical size of the probe (53mm vs 63mm). After changing, saving, and patting myself on the back for a job well done, I rezeroed using the probe. This time I received several errors. After fiddling with that for a while without any success, I decided to manually zero. Once I did that, all errors when away and the carve went perfectly.

Both the touch probe and manual probe were from the lower left corner and the gcode file for the carve was loaded the entire time.

I’d lay odds that the wire going into the banana plug jack (into the aluminum block) is probably broken inside the insulation but when you wiggle it the wire touches and completes the circuit. Could be on the magnet end as well but my money is on the block end especially looking at the picture - it looks like it’s flattened against the block. It’s a pretty fragile wire for the amount of handling it gets. But it’s easy enough to clip the connector off and wire in another one.

You can verify it by lowering a bit to touch the block (instead of lifting the block to the bit) and then wiggle the wire. The end with the broken wire will be the one where the connection cycles back & forth between green and shaded out when you wiggle it around.

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The dimension you want to measure is from the edge to the recess cutout on the other side, the probe is intended to have the 2 milled faces sit on the edge of the workpiece which is where the default dimensions of 53.975mm come from.

Take a look at these:


Makes sense although it seems odd as this is a brand new touch probe. This was quite literally the first time I’ve tried to use it. I’ll try things out again tonight when I get home from the day job.

FWIW, the only time I’ve seen an issue is with the manual touch. Once it recognizes that, the rest of the probing has worked normally every time.

D’oh! I should have known that, or at least seen the videos as I’ve been spending a lot of time on Onefinity’s YouTube channel in recent days. Once again, it proves to be a PICNIC problem. Thank you for that.

There have been issues reported with coated bits not registering when the bit contacts the probe block, if you’re using a coated bit try an uncoated one and see if you have the same issue. Since it’s using a low voltage to check for continuity any insulator can affect the operation, built up wood, sap, burnt wood buildup etc.

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Make sure the collet is clean and the magnet is attached to the collet nut, the banana jack is firmly inserted into the block and the controller end is clicked into the probe port on the controller. Also for what it’s worth, touch & hold a moment appears to work better than just quick tapping the block to the bit. Possibly a responsiveness issue of the controller vs a physical connection issue - just need to give it a couple of seconds to recognize the touch.

Well i didnt read all the comments but i’ll just shoot ya my two cents worth, i found the bit pushing the touch probe yesterday and found that there was residue on the bit i was using, cleaned it off and everything worked fine. Probably need to carry some acetone or some kind of cleaner near by to clean off the bits so the magnet can do its job.

Thanks all for the replies. I think I’ve fixed both of my issues. A longer, more deliberate touch, has seemed to cure the manual touch problems I was experiencing.

The second problems seems to have been a comedy of errors. The original dimensions configured in the controller were slightly off causing the original error. I then exacerbated the problem by measuring the probe incorrectly and entering those dimensions. Now that everything has been measured and entered properly, things are running smoothly.