Touch probe way off

Was using the touch probe to do some multi tool work yesterday, it’s consistently too deep by. 02" to. 023", any ideas on how to fix this?

Take a look here


Cool thank you, would expect at least a card linking this video in the package with the probe, but there was nothing at all.

Check out all our youtube videos and the FAQ section of this forum. There may be more info you’d like!


I’ll do it, i love the machine. Best bang for your buck in the industry

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That my friend is an awesome ideal. I make and package the touch plates for OneFinity. I can make that happen!!

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I hope this is the correct place to ask this question.
I have fine tuned my touch probe in both Metric and Imperial and had the same out come I generally operate with Vectric pro in imperial mode if that matters.

When i XYZ on a piece of material BLC it almost always goes much further twards me on the y axis and a little left on the X axis and it is not consistent some times it will go where its supposed too. Im starting to think I have an intermittent ground or some thing not software related. When I use manual zeroing it works fine and Z probe works fine any thoughts

Have you got this resolved? One thing that you need to be sure to do is check the touch plate measurements are correct in the onefinity controller. You should also check to see if your stepper motors are properly calibrated. A simple calibration test is to use a ruler and a V bit. Set your ruler under the v bit so the ruler is at zero. Send a command to jog your machine as far as the ruler reads. If you are working in inches and you have a 12 inch ruler then type the following command into your MDI line:

G91 G1 X12 F20

This will send your machine 12 inches to the right on the X axis 12 inches at a feed rate of 20 inches per minute. Substitute the 12 for the distance as needed and the 20 for the feed rate preferred for testing. If you use the command as is then your bit should start at zero on the ruler and stop exactly at the 12 inch mark. If you get any other result then you should contact OneFinity support on how to correct the calibration error.

To test the Y axis simply substitute the X with a Y in the command.

If the calibration test checks shows that your calibration is correct but you still get probe discrepancies, let me know and I will assist you further in getting it resolved.