Bit changes during carve process

Didn’t have enough room above project to get bit out of router. I wasn’t able to jog machine at all to move away from project to change but. Machine was then looking for touch probe that I don’t have. Using paper method to zero z. Help please.

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Separate each tool to its own file

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How do I do that? New to this stuff.

Depends on the software… Vectric it is a checkbox when saving toolpaths. Fusion 360 export each individually.

Hey Dawn,

if you have a tool change event (M6) in your program, the factory settings of Onefinity Controller let the machine simply stop and emit a message. It does not lift Z in order to allow you to change the tool or to probe Z then. The solution for Onefinity Manufacturer is not to have tool changes in your program (period).

The Onefinity Controller is a fork of Controller. You might be interested in what the creators of Buildbotics Controller suggest that CNC builders and owners instead let the machine do at ‘tool-change’ event, in order to be able to change the tool, as is explained here.

Unfortunately jogging around during tool-change event is not yet supported. But the example linked above allows a nice tool change at a position of your choice and a Z probing (necessary for the machine the know the new tool length).

A touch probe is highly to recommend in every case!

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