Tool changes And Z Height

I have tried a couple of carves with took changes. I am using Carbide Create Free now. I have been setting my retract height to 1/4-1/2" so it can speed things up. However, when the machine pauses for the tool change, it only retracts to that short height, making it impossible to change the tool. Is there a trick where I can add code to make the Z go up several inches to accomplish the tool change?

V-Carve has a setting you can use to set the height when it stops for a change - but I don’t know how to make Carbide Create do that. Most people create different files for each bit - so you can move the machine around and re-probe for Z when you change files/bits.

When the spindle/router retracts for the tool change, just raise your z-axis enough to be able to change your bit then re-zero your Z-axis and you should be right to go.

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You can raise the Z-axis from the control panel or with the joypad.
You will need to probe the Z axis after the tool change anyway since the new tool height is very likely to be different from the previous one.

I am new to cnc, I am using Carbide Create, mainly because I am a Mac user and refuse to buy a PC just for my cnc. Anyways, I have create a design that will require multiple tool paths with bit changes, my question is, when I create the gcode, how will the machine know what tool path to do first or in what order? is it simply the order in which you create the tool paths? thx.

you must separate each tool into their own file.

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THX! I will do that.