Tool Change Hang Up

Question: I’ve seen in a number of places where mid-cut tool changes are doable, however, I’ve run a few cuts now (G-code generated in F360 and Carbide Create) with tool changes and running into problems. First tool runs fine, the program stops and the Play button flashes yellow (no pop up dialog box like some YouTube videos have shown). I then change the bit, but it will not allow me to reset my Z value, either manually or using the probe. The screen just flashes and says disconnected. None of the other jog tools, on-screen or joystick, work either throwing up the same disconnected error. I should mention I’m running with the 10" touchscreen and the 1.0.7 FW that came on the machine, then upgraded to 1.0.8 with similar results. Any Ideas?

It is recommended to separate tool changes into separate files. The disconnect issue is a bug that will be fixed in the upcoming 1.0.9. You can bypass for now by hitting play then immediately hitting stop.

Ok, I figured out that method already. Unfortunately, one of the operations I would like to do is a flat bottom V-Carve that uses two bits. I’ve been doing this in Carbide Create’s “Advanced V-Carve” and I haven’t been able to figure out how to separate the tool paths. I guess I could edit the G-Code file manually in a text editor to split.

I can get multiple tools into a single file in V-Carve, but everything else I’ve done has been with a separate tool in a separate file. I could help you with Fusion - but I don’t use Carbide Create…

You can go to the following website for a G-Code splitter file that will automatically split the file.

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