Updated software 1.0.9v now it bugs out at the end

So I have been spending hours trying to cut projects after I upgraded only to have it crap/bug out on my pieces. It randomly does a low cross cuts into the the project at the end, completely running it. when I have the G-code set to .5 above the home point. So it should bring it back up above the piece but it does not.

It also will not allow me to raise the Z at the end of the file as if someone hit the stop button. All the Also when boxes in the XYZ home columns gray out, not allowing me to raise, lower or move anything. They will reset after I’ve reloaded a file 3 or 4 times.

Why would it be doing this?

I use Vcarve pro

Michelle - I’m not entirely sure what you are describing.

Are you saying after the cut is finished, when the machine returns to the home position, it does not change the z position and cuts into the project?

Second, after returning home, the UI locks up?

I’m not a Carve user, but you should be able to change the gcode to avoid the home command at the end. Secondarily, ensure your safety height is set. If it is, and the machine is not observing it, that is interesting. Perhaps you can post your project file for others to analyze.