Z Axis Start Position

Created a clearance cut in Carveco and created the gcode. Home the Onefinity at start up, followed by zeroing out the XYZ via the probe. After clicking play, bit follows along the intended path of cutting however the Z-Axis is not going down to the surface of the wood to be cut, it stays at the height after returning to X and Y zero prior to cutting. Tried zeroing Z directly to the surface of the material to be cut using the paper method, once play is pushed, same thing happens. Please HELP. Thanks.

Do you see any Z- commands in your GCode file? Those would be the ones telling it to start cutting below the surface which you want. If there aren’t any, then your post processor or your generation method has an issue. If they are there, then it’s either a zeroing or controller problem.

Thank you. I don’t see any z code, I’ll have to investigate further. Appreciate the help.